The history of Poluzzi is a story of innovation, ambition and pure and hard work. Since the beginning with the reparation of agriculture_track in 1982 till today with the production, distribution and sale of agriculture track to the global market.

In this short period of time, only 33 years we moved from 2 mens who repairs old tractors in a barn in casalvolone to the one of the most popoular and searched brands in tracks manufacturing for agriculture_track worldwide. All of this thank’s to the discovery and research spirit which moves our hearts.

On today Poluzzi is still a “small” family business, where to the project study and the production of each agriculture_track are dedicated the maximum level of care and attention. Like few knows how to do nowadays. in fact for poluzzi the manufacturing of each product represent a new startup point for new technological developments in near future.

agriculture trackagriculture trackagriculture trackagriculture trackagriculture trackagriculture trackagriculture trackagriculture track

Mile stones of the development of agriculture track :

1975: beginning of the repair activity on agriculture track
1982: Mile stones of the development 1982: set up the Poluzzi workshop for agriculture track repair

Mile stones of the development 1990: beginning of the collaboration with CANTONE company  for the assembly of self-levelling machines

1995: beginning of the manufaturing of the first steel agriculture track for CANTONE company

poluzzi start to manufacture his own desing agriculture track. ( end of the cooperation with cantone )


first agriculture track system made by poluzzi track system engineering


the agriculture track range comes to be more complete with the models : ( CT00-CTR00-CTF00 )


LAST MODEL OF agriculture track released ( ultron terra drive ) with vertical hydro suspension ( unique in his category ) a real innovation on market.


agriculture track

Main office:
via marconi n°100
28060 Casalvolone (no) italy IT

Customer Support:
Phone: 0161 315 336
Fax: 10161 315 336

Project Managers:
Phone: 342 6677876

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information on agriculture track

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